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Turns your WordPress site into an online Bible study tool. Creates a Bible index for your WordPress site, allowing your users to easily search your blog posts (or BuddyPress activities, when using BuddyPress) for any Bible reference. Use it for WordPress sites that involve a lot of discussion of the Bible.

For instance, if a user searches your site for ‘Genesis 2’, they will find posts that not only contain the string ‘Genesis 2’, but also other equivalent strings like ‘Gen 2’, or other references that intersect Genesis 2 like ‘Gen 1-3’.

A Bible Directory page is also added to sites using BuddyPress. This directory allows users to read any Bible passage and view all of the activities that reference that passage. Your Bible Directory has the url:

Other Features:

  • Bible references automatically become links with a tooltip that gives quick access to the Scripture
  • Adds a post meta box that displays the Bible text while writing a blog post

Download Biblefox for WordPress

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