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A Bible in Every Blog

November 25, 2008 in Features

In the first post on this development blog, we mentioned how we are using WordPress as the core of our website, giving us incredible blogging tools right out of the box. So, what features have we added on our own that set us apart from other blog services?

Basically, we put a Bible in every blog…

Scripture on the Blog

You can read any passage of the bible right from the blog. Currently, the only available bible translation is the World English Bible. We love the World English Bible because it is a very reliable version which, like the much appreciated NASB translation, is based on the reliable ASV translation, and like the popular NIV translation, it is easy to read. Finally, like the KJV (as well as like Biblefox and WordPress), it is completely free.

We also have the KJV and ASV on the website, although they are currently disabled during this early testing stage.

Scripture Tags

Adding scripture tags is a simple way to organize your posts around Bible passages. It works much like the WordPress tag feature, but it is specifically for scripture references.

For instance, if this post is about Genesis 1, add ‘Genesis 1’ as a scripture tag. Once it is tagged, whenever you read Genesis 1 on your blog, you will see this post! It turns your post into a bible commentary which you will see right below the scripture.

Notice at the top of this post is says ‘Scriptures Referenced: Psalm 23’ – that is because this post has a scripture tag for Psalm 23! If you click on the link to Psalm 23, you can see the scripture with this post appearing beneath it.

For another example, check out on of our current blogs and read some scripture (you will notice the scripture at the top and the blog posts about that scripture beneath it).

Reading Plans

For those of you who like to have some structure in your lives, you can create a plan for how you will read the Bible. You can put whatever passages you like into the plan in any order, then set how often you want to read them. This is a great way to organize a group Bible study!

For an example, see the Crossroad Bible Study which is currently reading through 100 essential bible passages, 1 passage a day, 5 days a week. It is great to see people reading the Bible together and sharing their ideas on the blog.

More to Come

We are still in early development, and have many more features planned for the near future. Of course, while we are testing these features, our blog users can only join blogs – they cannot create their own. Once we have implemented more features and tested them thoroughly, we will allow anyone to create a blog.

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